Jen’s Home-Staging Essentials

The goal of home staging is to improve the appearance of the property so that it will sell quickly and for the highest price. Change your mindset. Do not think of decorating YOUR home - it is not being staged for you! You are moving on to bigger and better. Home staging is about presenting your house in a way that appeals to the largest possible audience. You want buyers to experience at least 3-Wow’s while touring the property. Here are some tips to get the most bang for your buck to achieve the Wow’s that you are after.
  1. Start With Curb Appeal. Power wash the house and make sure the shutters and the front door have fresh paint. Tidy up the yard by mowing the lawn, pruning hedges and if there is a bush or tree blocking the home, remove it entirely. Add fresh mulch and colorful flowers to the flower beds. Make sure the front porch is clean & inviting - buyers spend several minutes inspecting this area while their agent removes the key from the lockbox and unlocks the door. The front door should be flanked by two large flower pots and have a new welcome mat. First impressions are important!
  2. Make a Great First Impression. The foyer should be open and inviting. If it is a small space, keep it empty of decor so it seems spacious. However, if it’s a large foyer add a table and accessories to enhance the space.
  3. Create Comfort. In the living room, the focal point should be the fireplace (not the TV). Place a large picture or mirror above the mantle and place a large decorative item or two next to the hearth (large flowers, an over-sized vase with greenery, a big basket, pillows, etc…) Place the sofa so that it is facing the fireplace with a colorful rug and coffee table in front. Next to the fireplace, place a cozy chair with a throw and soft pillow. Keep extra furniture and knick-knacks to a minimum. Buyers must to able to imagine their own furnishings in the living space.
  4. Make the Kitchen the Heart of the Home. The most important room to buyers is the kitchen. Everyone these days wants stainless appliances and granite countertops, therefore it is worth the investment! Buyers also want lots of work space so clear the counters! The only items remaining out should be the coffee pot, a knife/spice rack, and a canister of spoons. Tuck everything else away.
  5. Think Eating & Entertaining. Keep the dining room simple. Remove the extra leaf in the table so the room appears larger and place 4 chairs around it. Add a flower centerpiece and a large pretty picture on the wall and you’re done! Let the buyer picture Holiday dinners and family time.
  6. Create a Restful Retreat. Buyers want all bedrooms to be tidy and inviting, but the master bedroom must have a wow factor too. Make it feel like a sanctuary with white bedding, plush pillows, white sheer curtains, flowers & candles on the bed-side table. Next to the kitchen, the master bathroom is incredibly important to buyers so upgrades to the flooring and countertops may be needed if the existing are dated or worn. Be sure that all surfaces are spic-n-span! Fold fluffy, white towels over all the towel bars and place a tall, faux orchid next to the sink. If there is a garden tub, place a pretty picture beside it and roll a few, white towels to set along the edge.
  7. Frehen Up Surfaces. Throughout the house, repaint rooms that have bright or dark colors and change them to neutral tones like beige, light grey, pale yellow, or soft green. If there is wallpaper, remove it. The buyers don’t want to remove it any more than you do, but it must be done! Flooring needs to be in good repair so clean or replace old carpet and refinish/replace/clean worn linoleum, laminate, wood or tile.
There may seem to be a lot of preparations in selling your home, but adopting these recommendations will enable you to sell your home on your timeline, for the price you desire.

Give yourself at least eight weeks to get ready for the housing market. This will allow time to get estimates from vendors, get the work completed, and remove extra furniture & clutter. Save the finishing touches until the photographer appointment is made by your realtor, then go from room-to-room making sure that it is picture perfect.

And remember, in today's market most buyers shop for homes online FIRST so make sure that your home’s photos entice buyers to tour your home virtually. Sometime online is the only first impression you will get! You want buyers to take the next step and make an appointment to see your home in person!

I hope these tips have helped you. If you are considering selling your home, Contact Us. All of our home seller clients receive FREE home staging advice.