Why Home Staging?

At Stage & Sell Raleigh, we offer all of our home seller clients FREE staging advice to help them get their home in the best possible showing condition before entering the market to sell. It is proven that homes staged to sell bring in more money and sell faster than homes that are not in top showing condition. 

Watch this video to see some of our local Home Staging projects. As you will see, homes that are tidy, well decorated and appear move in ready definitely photograph well. And buyers notice the difference too - both online and in person! 

When a home feels welcoming, clean, well kept and organized it gives the buyer a good feeling. Afterall, the buying process is part facts (price, location and condition) but it's also a very emotional process. Home staging takes out some of the uncertainty for buyers and makes them at ease and comfortable when viewing the home. This confidence in a property results in a quicker sale and a willingness to pay market value for a nice home. The reality is, if a buyer sees a home in what they perceive as poor condition, even if it is priced right and in their target location, they will want to negotiate a lower price for the perceived defects. Right or wrong, this is the reality.

So why not avoid the negative perceptions from the start? Get your home preinspected and fix any issues before you list it. You should also take the time to declutter, spruce up and stage the home inside and out. Then when your home is show ready it will sell fast, no questions asked.

See Jen's Home Staging Essentials for Tips and Tricks to get your home show ready & SOLD!